A One-Click Twilio Integration for Now serverless apps.

What is TwilioNow?

TwilioNow is a Now Integration that centralizes and simplifies handling Twilio Authenticaion throughout your Now projects. TwilioNow distributes your Twilio Account SID and Authentication Token across the projects you select making it possible to :

  1. Manage Twilio Authentication accross multiple projects
  2. Revoke Twilio Authentication from specific projects
  3. Simplify setup for first time Now users and/or first time Twilio users.

Getting Started


Before getting started with TwilioNow there are a few things you'll need to have.

  1. A Twilio Account and your Account SID and an Authentication Token. You can sign up here, and your account SID and auth token can be found here
  2. A Now Account and a Now Project that you'd like to add Twilio to. You can signup for now here, and you can learn about developing with now here

Installing TwillioNow

To install TwillioNow simply go to the Now Marketplace page here and click add at the top right of the screen. Select the account you'd like to add it to, and you'll then be brought to th configuration screen.

Configuring TwillioNow

Configuring TwillioNow takes just a few simple steps :

  1. Enter Your Twilio Account SID and your Twilio Auth Token
  2. Select the Projects that you would like to provide the environment variables too
  3. Click the "Update Twilio Configuration" button at the bottom of the page
  4. Tada You're good to go

note that some projects require a redeploy before they can access the new environment variables. For example, you'll need to redeploy Node based apps like Express or Next.js for them to have access to the new Twilio credentials.

Plans for The Future

This Integration was built for the 2019 ZEIT Integration Hackathon but I plan to add some additional features as time becomes available.

Bug Reports & Contributing

If you've found a bug that you'd like to report or you would like to help build TwilioNow you can do so through our github page